Qatar Dhaka – Houston just $1407 RT Business Class, Qatar orders 100 new planes (!) and Saudia’s early retirement, Sri Lankan’s mismanagement

Posted on October 8, 2016 by in Travel Industry Flight Status

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– Qatar has some very attractive Business Class fares from Dhaka, Bangladesh to Houston for $1,407 Round Trip

Dhaka is an interesting destination (though has seen way too much violence lately) and is considered Middle East by AAdvantage and South East Asia by the United award chart.

Fares come up from on November on the Qatar Airways website.

– Saudia is planning to retire their B777-200(ER) by next year and work with newer planes already in the fleet

Saudia is not at the top of my list to fly with but I’d love to visit Saudia Arabia (I’ll be as close as Bahrain this year)

Qatar has just bought 100 Boeing aircraft (!), 30 B787-9, 10 777-300(ER) and sixty 737 MAX

I really hope the 737 MAX will get some flat business class seats.

Forbes is running a story on SriLankan that portrays the carrier in real trouble (after it had great times just before the breakup with Emirates)

This issue was no better manifested than the government forcing the airline to operate a second hub at Mattala International Airport between 2013 and 2015. This was Sri Lanka’s second international airport, which was built next to an elephant preserve in remote Hambantota — the site of a large-scale, multi-faceted development endeavor that has yet to gain momentum. This world-class airport lacked nothing except passengers, and was mainly used as a transit hub. According to a government report, an average of just seven passengers per flight were being served at Mattala throughout 2014, and stories abound about how planes would touch down there to neither pick up nor drop off anyone. Needless to say, this second, reportedly unneeded, hub hemorrhaged cash for SriLankan Airlines, and today the government is also looking for foreign companies interested in taking the entire loss-generating airport off their hands.