My Chase Sapphire Reserve story – how I got approved finally

Posted on October 6, 2016 by in Chase Sapphire Reserve, Chase Ultimate Rewards


Learn abut the benefits of the Chase Sapphire Reserve and apply for it.

The surprise launch of the Chase Sapphire Reserve in the premium credit market card has sent ruptures thorough it and made American Express react quickly. According to my banker Chase is getting ‘thousands of applications per hour’.

There really is no reason NOT to have this card – so here is how my strategy worked out.

Chase Sapphire Reserve – Online application

I applied online a few days after the card came out. The application went to pending and a few days later I received a rejection letter for ‘too many recent applications’.

I called in reconsideration and the stern banker read through all my recent applications. She was NOT amused and told me nothing could be done – this is a ‘hard rejection’.

Chase Sapphire Reserve Chase Private Client

A few days later I walked into my local Chase branch and asked about the Chase Private Client program (it is VERY brightly advertised in that branch).

I was offered a ‘get together meeting’ the next day at the time of my choosing. The meeting was a friendly chatter and the everyone seemed curious about what I do (and did in the past). I asked a few times about minimum requirements and the answer was that it would not matter as long as I am ‘the right kind of customer’. We joked about Wells Fargo a number of times and that was it.

At the next meeting – which I’m planning to have soon the bankers would set up all the products I wanted – I actually have a bunch of investment ideas to follow up on. From what I learned there is no formal change of status with Chase (as there is with Citibank’s Citigold) but I might be wrong.

Chase Sapphire Reserve in-Branch

Just after my ‘orientation meeting’ with Chase Private Client I also walked into another branch during lunch and asked if I was ‘pre-approved’. To my surprise I was and the friendly banker offered to process the application on the spot after seeing my ID.

To my despair the application went into pending as well. I was fully expecting another rejection letter.

About 3 weeks later I received a letter that my application is being processed but it went into ‘fraud check’ and I should call in. This I did a few days later and after a quick banter about questions read from my credit history, I was approved during that call for a $27,000 credit limit!

My (plastic) Chase Sapphire Reserve arrived a few days later and was already activated. Apparently the metal card will arrive in a few weeks.

So far the annual fee has been charged right away. I also noticed that the card classifies transactions differently than even the Chase Sapphire Preferred. I had some transactions get the 3x bonus that always get a 1x on the Preferred and vice versa. Easy enough to switch the cards around if one has a few transactions with the same merchant.

Learn abut the benefits of the Chase Sapphire Reserve and apply for it.