Limited Time Offers 100,000 and 75,000 Amex Hilton cards, airberlin status match update and finally an Indonesian OTA that works

MightyTravels 2016-10-03 at 10.30.52 AM

– American Express is on a roll – the 75,000 American Express Hilton card (no annual fee!) is accepting applications again

Airline Credit Cards

MightyTravels 2016-10-03 at 10.31.57 AM

– American Express also increased the bonus for this 100,000 Hilton Surpass card for a Limited Time Offer

MightyTravels 2016-10-03 at 10.33.40 AM

Rapid Travel Chai discovered an Indonesian OTA that actually accepts major US credit cards for airline tickets – check out NusaTrip

MightyTravels 2016-10-03 at 10.36.16 AM

– airberlin is promoting their Status Match program again (I’m not sure it was ever paused), you can only get matched to Silver or Gold