Amex EveryDay 15,000 and Amex EveryDay Preferred 30,000 and how to get those American Express incognito offers to show

Posted on October 28, 2016 by in Best use American Express Membership Rewards

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American Express has been masterfully designing custom offers at their website for some time. For many (if not all) cards they have ‘Special Offers’ that often give a much higher sign-up bonus for the same card. Since American Express is now serious about once in a lifetime bonus this matters.

Right now these two cards (most of us likely never had them before) come with an increased offer:

American Express EveryDay Card 15,000 offer (usually 10,000), no Annual Fee

American Express EveryDay Preferred Credit Card 30,000 offer (usually 15,000), $95 Annual Fee not waived

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The link is the SAME as for the public offer. So you don’t need a special link (American Express has had some bad experiences with that).

The way this works with American Express is that they use all the information available about you to decide if they want to make you a “special offer”. The data includes:

– Your IP (an IP history can be bought at major ad exchanges)

– Your cookies (again many ad exchange shave data and AMEX has good data on us as well, especially as existing customer)

Offers are generated seemingly at random in real time but you need to vary the parameters and make sure you are included into what American Express targeting algorithm.

I spent a good half an hour today to make both offers show up and here is what I learned:

– for me offers showed up exactly at the same time in the same browser
– instead of an offer (or the normal sign-up bonus) I initially got an error, I clicked the back button and then the offer showed for BOTH cards
– once I clicked apply both application workflow ran without errors
– there is a fraud alert when someone applies for more than one American Express card within a short amount of time (I had just applied for another card a few minutes before) so I had to call in and now have wait for an approval for a few more days
– I tried different US metro regions
– the ‘special offer’ targets a specific person (American express has targeted) once you have it it comes up for ALL American Express cards where a ‘Special Offer’ is available

Here is how I eventually succeeded:

– I used one new browser (any browser you rarely use)

– I used StrongVPN (a paid VPN I have been using for years) to have a way to a good connection that shows to American Express to be in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami, Las Vegas, New York, Chicago. Miami worked for me in the end but that might have been random

– after each time loading the application pages I did reset all privacy settings and cleared out all caches, I find that faster since the tabs stay open (I did not use an Incognito Window)

– I had to refresh about 50 times (!) to get the ‘Special Offer’ to load – I was ready to give up after 20 times. That is indeed a big effort for one card but since the offer shows for all cards it isn’t so terrible.

What is your experience with the American Express ‘special offers’?