75,000 Amex Business Rewards Gold card, $60 off $200 Hyatt spend, Radisson Sweepstakes, the billion dollar hole of Venezuela & rebirth of Ugandan Airlines

Posted on October 10, 2016 by in Travel Industry Flight Status

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– American Express has two 75,000 Bonus points Business Gold card sign-up links right now

These links may or may not work for you but are worth a shot if you haven’t had this card before. (HT DoC)

– American Express has a new (targeted) offer that gives you $60 off a $200 Hyatt spend – check your American Express account

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– Radisson is tempting us with a sweepstakes called Paper City that gives up to 30 Radisson nights

– American, United and COPA are still working hard to repatriate their funds at the ‘official exchange rate’ from Venezuela – each has about $500 million to worry about


– Indigo Partners (they former main shareholder of Spirit Airlines) is very happy with Frontiers’ progress and is investing heavily into the airlines expansion (fees apparently work!)

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– in case you missed it – Uganda Airlines is poised to make a comeback!