Air India has the world’s longest flight, aviation safety in India, Club Carlson 75% bonus & slick new Air Tahiti 787

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– Air India has snatched an unofficial new world record with their flight from New Delhi (DEL) to San Francisco (SFO) over the Pacific at 9,506 miles last week

– However aviation safety in India can be a real issue as these two incidents show – this is from the investigation into a Jet Airways flight last year

“Do you know where it (runway) is?” the cockpit voice recorder quoted the first officer as asking the commander, and the reply was, “Just going blindly.” When the aircraft was approaching Kochi for landing it had 4,844 kg fuel. It tried to land there thrice but due to bad weather the pilots were not able to see the runway and the fuel fell to 2,644 kg.

The pilots then opted for Thiruvananthapuram. There too the plane tried to land three times. After the sixth failed landing, the crew took a sharp turn at low height that set off the enhanced ground proximity warning system alarm in the cockpit. “The manoeuvre activated the EGPWS, which warned repeatedly, ‘Terrain, terrain pull up’. The captain continued the approach with all warnings and no visual contact of the runway,” the report said.

This does not inspire a lot of trust! And another incident just happened last week.


Air Tahiti is serious about making those four new 787-9 really nice planes.

Air Tahiti Nui will equip four of its Boeing 787-9s with Panasonic’s inflight Wi-Fi service as well as its eX3 IFE system. The platform will offer passengers a high-definition screen and the latest advances in IFE together with an advanced broadband service through eXConnect.

Panasonic’s eXConnect operates over the company’s Ku-band satellite network – the only global broadband inflight connectivity service in operation today. The technology will guarantee that Air Tahiti flyers receive a unique on-board experience enabling them to send emails, access the Internet and social media channels.

Other Panasonic clients include for instance Singapore Airlines.

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– Club Carlson is running a 75% bonus points promotion when you buy points – just for the week

Those are usually good value if you redeem for a property that charges high cash room rates (make sure it is available on points though).