2 new Citi ThankYou transfer partners, 2x on everything with American Express, 40x shopping, Alitalia devalues by 100%?

Posted on October 16, 2016 by in Travel Industry Flight Status

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– American Express went from one of the dull boring credit card issuers to be one of the most innovative fixing their product flaws within weeks – that’s how one deals with digital products!

The latest – get 2 points for any transactions at Small Businesses until 12/31 when you enroll here. I had been targeted for another 2x promotion on my Starwood co-branded card – that means I now earn 3x on everything (if it is a Small Business)!

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– magazines.com is back with the 40x at the AAdvantage shopping portal. Assuming that you don;t really need any magazine subscriptions (and you write off this value) you can ‘buy’ 10,000 AAdvantage miles for $250. Not terrible but not great either. For a while you could buy gift cards and then use that same gift card to earn the shopping bonus again for a total of 80x. Maybe that still works?

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– Citi ThankYou points can now be transferred to Jetblue at a 1,000 to 500 or 800 (depending on your card) ration and to Sears My Way Rewards points

Of course more transfer partners the better – but JetBlue and Sears – really?

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– Alitalia is apparently making hot changes to their award chart – details are still missing but awards on Alitalia planes have doubled seemingly in miles required and fuel surcharges

It is unclear if that is a permanent change and if partner awards are affected as well.