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Posted on September 6, 2016 by in Travel Industry Flight Status

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– Saudia has a pretty nasty viral video of their inaugural of a new A330 going wild – that’s just…

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Hertz has a number of $9.99/day one-way rentals INTO Florida right now (preparing for the high season there) that might be good offers if you plan to drive that way

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– the Air Accident Investigation Sector in Dubai has released a preliminary report of the accident investigation of EK521

Apparently the wind direction changed several times during the approach confusing the pilots and the computer. At some point a go-around was issued but before the engines could provide enough lift the planes was ‘pushed’ down against the runway and crashed with a partially retracted landing gear.

The full report is here. It’s a fascinating read.

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Starwood has released their promo for the rest of year called Go for Five – you guessed it it involves five stays and upon completion you get an extra 2,500 points and an extra 5,000 once you complete 25 stays