Lagos ASL Premium Lounge Review

Posted on July 14, 2016 by in Free Lounge Access and Lounge Reviews

Despite being rather small, Lagos Airport has a stunning six Priority Pass lounges. There are a number of premium pax departing from Lagos and most lounge operators have decided to cash in on Priority Pass without being exclusive to a particular airline.

All the check-in documentation highlighted the need to be at the airport early. Since Lagos is rather intimidating (as is the airport) I duly arrived early – for no reason, it turned out. At 5.30AM, security and immigration was empty and quick.

The Lagos ASL Premium Lounge was the only lounge that seemed open and the friendly lounge attendant turned on the lights – just for me. I was the only passenger for quite some time.



Surprisingly, the lounge attendant offered me an espresso from a proper espresso maker (this stuff tastes pretty good) and there were plenty of drinks and snacks.


The cheese on offer was really good Emmental – just the bread rolls were stale.




The internet was rather fast, at 4 MBit – granted I was the only user, so that may not have been such a feat.

After my second espresso, I waited for the boarding announcement; the lounge was so quiet that I wasn’t sure it would actually happen. There are plenty of screens with flight information, but as you might expect when flying in Africa, they did not show anything, not even the departure gate details.

I walked in the general direction that the lounge attendant had advised and voila – there was a gate, but with no signs for boarding a flight to Accra…

4 / 5 stars