Changes to Hilton HHonors status match

Posted on July 22, 2016 by in Hilton Honor

Hilton HHonors status match

HHonors has now made it harder to match elite status

We let you know at the end of March that the HHonors status match was back with a proper form for you to send off your request. It was a very generous, super-easy match, where if you provided proof to Hilton that you had current status with another hotel, HHonors would match you through March, 2018. If you managed to status match at the time, then that’s great news, as HHonors has now made it a little harder (and more expensive)…

To status match until 2018 now, you need to also complete stays…

HHonors will match for 90 days if you now have status with another hotel program, but if you want it extended until March 2018, you need to also stay with Hilton over the next 90 days. It’s not just a one-night stay either; if you’re hoping to match to HHonors Gold, you’ll need to complete four stays and if you’re hoping to match to HHonors Diamond, you will need to complete eight.

Hilton HHonor’s status match generosity was great while it lasted, but this is still an easy way to status match and it’s certainly worthwhile to have Hilton status.