Embassy Suites Bogota Review

Posted on June 28, 2016 by in Hilton Honors, Hotel Reviews


During my time in this Colombian city, I wanted to review the Embassy Suites Bogota (Rosales).

This hotel has an enviable location right next to the Four Seasons and right inside the gourmet ghetto of Bogota. Given the somewhat shaky security situation in Bogota, a block or two make a big difference if you walk back to your hotel at night from a restaurant. However, the property is close to a major road and that creates potential noise issues.

Embassy Suites

Check-in was super-friendly and in fluent English. I had used Points & Money for my stay; weekday rates tend to be high at the property, while weekend rates are low.

As with all Embassy Suites, each room is actually a suite and composed of a bedroom, living room and bathroom. I had asked for a ‘quiet’ room. Of course, we got a suite where the bedroom faced the major road; not sure how that happened!

The room was old and so was the furniture; the wear and tear of the hotel was very visible. The living room seemed to have aged the most and the bathroom was old and rickety.




The bedroom was in decent shape, though.


The hotel had just installed a new internet system (it was literally set up the day before we arrived) and it was super-fast at 5 Mbit during the whole stay. The hotel had gotten a ton of bad reviews in the past about its internet issues.

The other issue was the barely-working AC (I had experienced the same issue at the Hilton Bogota a week before). Thankfully it wasn’t loud, but since we were unable to open up the windows because of the noise, we had been counting on the AC. Due to the high altitude (we had just returned from Barranquilla), I had a tough (and hot) first night.

The hotel includes breakfast for guests and the spread was decent, but certainly not great; it paled in comparison with the food at the Juan Valdez flagship coffee shop right next door. We did not bother with the Embassy Suites breakfast on day two, as the coffee and espresso there were just as bad as the food.

The Guest Relations Manager had introduced herself during breakfast on day one and offered a new ‘quiet’ room. Indeed this did not face the road, but it was just as old-looking. She mentioned that the remodel had started already, but gave no date for completion.


The hotel has a spacious and new fitness and sauna area in the basement. I liked it, though it was cold and a workout at 9,000 feet of elevation is always a challenge.

The hotel is an awesome base for exploring the Chapinero neighborhood and especially Zona G (see my favorite things to do in Bogota post). Besides that, it isn’t a great hotel and, to me, it seemed the hotel was pretty empty.

You can book your stay at the Embassy Suites Bogota here.

4 / 5 stars