Citi Prestige® Card $350 annual fee offer in-branch [YMMV]

Posted on June 12, 2016 by in best use of Citibank ThankYou points

Citi Prestige® Card

What’s the deal with the Citi Prestige® Card?

We recently posted about this card offering a bonus of 50,000 points, the benefits of owning this card and also what we would do with the ThankYou points bounty. The annual fee is usually $450 and not waived in the first year, and while it sounds hefty, you actually get back $250 in airline travel credit and the other card benefits outweigh the remaining cost.

Now if you have a Citigold account, the fee is reduced to $350 a year, but reddit users have found a way to get the card in-branch with this reduced annual fee, without having to open a Citigold account…

How do I get the Citi Prestige® Card deal?

You’ll need to visit a branch and ask the banker to check the Citigold application on computer. The system doesn’t verify that you are a Citigold customer but still gives you the $350 annual fee and the application terms show the fee as $350 with no mention there of you having to be a Citigold customer either.

What else do I need to know about the Citi Prestige® Card deal?

You can read more about the process and others’ experiences of applying for this excellent card this way here, but it seems widely available and it’s worth the effort to get this card and save $100 without having to get a Citigold account. YMMV, as reddit users report that some branches have turned them away and yet another was advised by a banker that you really don’t need a Citigold account to get the reduced fee anyway!

If you prefer to apply online to get 50,000 bonus points with an annual fee of $450, you can apply here.

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