Bubble hotels – The cool way to camp under the stars!

Posted on June 27, 2016 by in TOP Travel Destinations, Travel Deals

bubble hotels

What you need to know about bubble hotels…

While many people love to camp in the great outdoors, I’ve always found that it makes me fairly grumpy… The bugs, the bad weather, even just trying to get the tent up makes me wish I’d booked a hotel room instead. Well, now you can combine camping with a hotel room, by staying in an amazing bubble hotel!

This ingenious idea is actually fairly simple. Just take an inflatable, clear-plastic pod and add a comfortable mattress and a couple of people to create a romantic night under the stars – literally!

I came across this awesome way to camp on the Dutch travel site Vakantieboef. I was intrigued to read a post about Attrap’Rêves, the first network in France to offer this quirky choice of accommodation. The air is fresh and filtered, there’s even heating and you get a panoramic view of the sky from inside. This would be perfect for viewing the Northern Lights.

bubble hotels

Where in the world are bubble hotels located?

As well as the ones provided in France by Attrap’Rêves, you can stay in one of these translucent tents in Iceland and Spain, and hopefully they’ll be heading stateside in the near future.

There’s actually more to this bubble hotel experience

You don’t even have to stay in someone else’s pod – you can buy your own to set up where you choose. You could install one in your own back garden or purchase for a unique camping trip. These are for sale in the US right now if you can’t wait for a bubble hotel stay.

You may see this unusual place to stay popping up on other travel sites. The hotel booking site LateRooms recently offered readers the chance to win a stay in a bubble hotel at any UK destination of your choice.

bubble hotels

That’s it… No more pesky tents for me!