My experience getting a Gabon Visa & how to apply for a tourist visa online

Written and Published May 18, 2016

Gabon is a bit of an underdog in Africa - it gets very little press (good or bad) but is host to a friendly visa regime.

I started out by giving the Gabon consulate in Washington D.C. a call and the VERY friendly consulate worker ran my through the options to get a visa at the consulate.

There a number of multiple-entry options available - I believe the best option is a $140 multiple-entry 3 year visa for US citizens. If your travels takes you to Gabon a lot (that's a bit of an Oxymoron) that seems to be the best option.

However Gabon actually takes eGovernance seriously and has introduced the Gabon eVisa.

The application process is very straightforward with a few questions and let's you upload a passport photo and your passport picture online.

After a few days you will get a PDF that shows you as approved - this is the travel authorization for your visit to Gabon. No payment is necessary so far.

This is very similar to the process that Senegal used to use.

Now the confusing part starts here as the language on the website makes it sound that you will need the 'travel authorization' and the payment receipt in order to get an 'eVisa' to travel. It makes it sound like there is a second step but I was unable to find that link anywhere online and neither the website contact form got a response nor the consulate knew anything about it.

So I'm not sure if the travel authorization PDF in my hands will be enough to travel. I assume it is so far - do you guys know more?