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Posted on April 6, 2016 by in Jetblue TrueBlue

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Barclays has just started their new co-branded relationship with JetBlue (formerly with American Express). This is a new card product that was just launched and we are all eligible for a sign up bonus since we never had that product before!

The skinny on the new JetBlue Plus Card

You can get 30,000 bonus points when you spend $1,000 in 3 months and another 5,000 bonus points annually on your account anniversary.

The annual fee is $99 (not waived). With this card, you earn 6x points on JetBlue purchases, 2x at restaurants and office supply stores and 1x point everywhere else.

Sign up for the JetBlue Plus Card here.

So what are the best redemptions for the JetBlue Plus Card?

Once you are done with the modest minimum spend you will have 31,000 TrueBlue points to spend.

JetBlue operates most of its flights from New York but also has a number of flights from Long Beach (LGB), Oakland (OAK), Seattle (SEA) and Portland (PDX) and others.

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TrueBlue points have no fixed value – in our dummy searches we found them to be worth 1.5-2 cents which is pretty good for an Economy redemption.


I know we all want to fly Mint but I have yet to find a redemption for less than 40,000 points one-way for the lauded JetBlue transcon product.

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JetBlue is expanding Mint to the Caribbean – these shorter flight might be priced lower.


I liked my time in Cartagena so much when I stopped there in 2014 I’m going back this year – to the Hilton Cartagena (Review) again! It’s a pleasant town with lots of history, great beaches and very little crime.

Just 8,300 TrueBlue points will get you there one-way.

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Sign up for the JetBlue Plus Card here.


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Just about 3,600 points are needed for a one-way flight to Bermuda. The sign-up bonus is almost enough to get a group of your 8 best friends down to the Caribbean for a birthday party!


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Just 5,500 will get you to the resorts near Liberia, Costa Rica. That’s about two TrueBlue points spent for one mile flown – awesome redemption!


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While Aruba wasn’t my favorite island (there are just so few Things to do in Aruba), I loved my time at the Hilton Aruba.

8,600 TrueBlue points will get you to Aruba on JetBlue.


For a few years now JetBlue has been operating seasonal (summer) flights from Long Beach and Seattle to Anchorage, Alaska.

Seattle flights show lots of dates for 5,600 points and Long beach for 9,600 points.

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Sign up for the JetBlue Plus Card here.

What is your favorite redemption with JetBlue?