Mercure Surabaya Review

Posted on April 2, 2016 by in Hotel Reviews


The Mercure Surabaya is located in a calmer section of Surabaya. The area is pretty and actually has a few sidewalks and is perfectly safe to walk around.

The Mercure Surabaya is cheap – really cheap often as low as $17 per night! It comes up a lot of times with the Premium tools we offer to Premium subscribers. I paid just about $22 per night – not exactly sticker shock.

Check-in was very friendly in typical Indonesia fashion – lots of servitude but not so much knowledge or English skills. No eyebrow was raised about my low-cost reservation using

I was upgrade to a ‘Suite’ at the end of the building. I’m still not sure what the upgrade consisted of (besides the name) since I later changed to a regular room that looked exactly the same.



My ‘suite’ was in trouble as the water in the shower was cold and the WiFi would not make it that far. Also the keys did not work (i was initially escorted up by the front desk staff who used their master key).


After some back and forth that stretched over an hour I got a new room and keys for that room. This new room had one of the best ACs ever – super cool and not audible. What a surprise – but badly needed given the Mercure-like (the planet in French – get it?) temperatures outside.

The WiFi in the new room was quite good at about 1.5 Mbit.

Many of Surabay’s best restaurants are located right around the Mercure. Its easily walkable if you are up for the heat and traffic.

In the morning I bought the breakfast buffet for $10 and while the quality was just ok – the selection makes more than up for it with lot’s of pastries, savory food, drinks, espresso and fruit. I was surprised to find myself to be the only foreigner in the hotel.








The hotel also has a decent coffee shop that serves good (but expensive) espresso.

In sum – this hotel provides amazing value in a city that is already very affordable. This is a good, modern hotel in a great location for a the price of box of lunch back home. Yes the service isn’t top notch and the hardware shaky but with some luck you won’t notice it.

You can book the Mercure Surabaya here.

3 / 5 stars