Cathay Pacific Regional Business Class Hong Kong (HKG) Surabaya (SUB) A330

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I had originally booked my flight to Surabaya, Indonesia on Cathay Pacific with a short connection of just one hour in Hong Kong. As it happened with my flight to Colombo roughly a year ago Cathay Pacific cancelled/ changed the flight time completely just a few weeks time before my flight. The departure moved from 3.30 PM to 2.20 AM – not my favorite type of layover.

I took the train to the city (if you return the same day you only pay HKD 90 for the Round Trip) and got a cheap hotel in Kowloon to get some sleep. I managed to discover a few new places in Kowloon that I added to my Hong Kong Things to Do Guide.

The Kowloon station for the airport train (right under the new Ritz Carlton Hong Kong) is massive and duly confusing – I’m surprised any taxi driver can find their way in and out. Things are very well organized though and crowds are minimal. The airport train gets there in under 20 minutes.

The Wing Cathay Pacific Business Class (Review) closes the nicer parts of the lounge (i.e. the upper floor) at 1 AM so I made my way to gate 27 early – I did not want to miss my flight again (as I did with my Cathay Pacific Business Class flight to Kuala Lumpur).

Boarding was on time and just a small crowd gathered around the gate – everyone looked ready to sleep including me!

The A330 was a much older configuration than what my Kuala Lumpur flight was. It does come with 40+ seats in Business Class in a herringbone layout. Those are not my favorite since shoulder space tends to be very small. This was my biggest issues with Virgin Atlantic Business Class (Review).




It’s certainly better than the Cathay Pacific Business Class seat from Bangkok though.


Just 7 other passengers settled into the huge Business Class cabin. Economy seemed just about 50% full as well.

The flight attendants were cheerful (likely happy about the calm flight) and offered champagne. With the herringbone layout there is really no way to spread out – it provides great privacy with the high separation wall but there is no way to use another seat from your seat.

The equipment looks quite old but there is the signature Cathay Pacific entertainment system and the seat goes all the way flat.

This is exactly what I did – go flat right after take off and find some more sleep.

That is all I remember of the rest of the flight – no turbulence and a calm 4 hours later we arrived into a beautiful sunrise over Surabaya.

MightyTravels 2016-04-01 at 6.28.29 PM

I was the only (!) person in the ‘Visitor’ line at immigration. Indonesia recently dropped the visa on arrival to attract more tourists. Seconds later I walked out and got a fixed taxi fare (about $8) to town.

3.5 / 5 stars