Mighty Travels Vision, Ethics and Policies – Here’s how we run this site

Posted on March 26, 2016 by in Mighty Travels Premium


Mighty Travels has grown quite a bit and I feel it’s worth spelling out a few policies of ours.

Our vision

At Mighty Travels we strive to show you a new world out there. A world that can be discovered in an affordable, safe, luxurious, exciting and unique way. We believe travel should be a lifetime source of enjoyment and not a ruinous two week vacation.

Linking policy

We believe in rewarding creators of original content and always link to the original source of information. In case we messed up – tell us and we make it right – right away.

We hope other blogs will adopt a similar fair linking policy and make an effort to link to the source of information – one can always hope!


We provide you with a selection of the best travel deals irrespective of any commission – every day.

We work with a number of affiliate networks. That means if you click on a link we may earn a referral commission. This is usually an automated process and we have little control over which links provide commission or not.

Credit Cards

We always provide you with the best current sign up link irrespective of earning a referral commission or not. We do work with specialized credit card affiliates and if you sign up for a card we may earn an affiliate commission.

Free flights & Free hotel stays

We do not accept free flights or free hotel stays since it makes the review process awkward and puts readers at a disadvantage.


We do not currently sell non-performance advertising on Mighty Travels.

Happy travels!