Hello to Uber customer service number for non-911 related emergencies and goodbye to Uber’s email support

Posted on March 31, 2016 by in $1,250 bonus for Uber Drivers

Uber customer service number

What’s the scoop on the new Uber customer service number?

The global digital business news publication Quartz reported in February, 2016, that a page entitled ‘Critical Safety Response Line’ was found buried deep in the Uber app. The page explained that passengers or drivers should dial 911 if needing to report an emergency, but that you could be connected with an Uber representative by instead dialing (800-353-8237).

Tell me more about the Uber customer service number…

The number is said to have been operational since October, even though it has never been advertised. Why there wasn’t a formal announcement of this 800 number is unclear, considering some of the tragedies that have befallen rideshare users in recent times, so it’s strange that it was uncovered by accident. Nevertheless, the fact that Uber is now providing any kind of response assistance is good news and something that similar businesses should follow.

It may not be enough, though. Blogger Harry Campbell, a driver and passenger, has called for ridesharing companies to do more, especially for female passengers and drivers, and mentions that Uber in India introduced an SOS button for this reason.

Uber customer service number

What’s the scoop on Uber’s email support?

Just yesterday, Uber announced that the email address used by passengers and drivers for customer service help, support@uber.com, is being replaced by its in-app messaging feature. Email customer support should eventually phased out by the relatively new, easy-to-use technology within the Uber app, which connects to a global network of customer service centers.

Uber customer service number

Tell me more about the app’s new customer service feature…

In-app messaging customer service with Uber has been available in the US since January, 2016, with response time and overall customer satisfaction said to be greatly improved already. You can message Uber by just using the app, but for the time being you can also follow up on an issue’s progress via email notifications.

Uber customer service number

What else do I need to know about the Uber customer service number?

Uber stated in a recent press conference that the number isn’t intended to replace the emergency services. The hotline should only be used in a non-emergency emergency, but what would actually be classed as one? If I was in any kind of bad situation in a rideshare car, I know who I’d rather call, so what would you use this 800 number for? Let us know your thoughts!

Uber customer service number

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