Air Tahiti Review (Inter-island)

Posted on March 22, 2016 by in Airline Reviews

Air Tahiti is the domestic arm of the Air Tahiti ventures. It does have one international flight though to the Cook Islands and Rarotonga with an ATR 42.

The company flies ATR 42 and ART-72 to 47 small islands of French Polynesia. It usually is the only, monopoly carrier. French Polynesia is huge and the outer islands are a good 3 hours from Tahiti.



I had three segments with Air Tahiti – Pa’peete to Mo’orea, Mo’orea to Bora Bora and Bora Bora to Pa’peete. Tickets were an astonishing $400 per person for all 3 segments. You can’t redeem miles on Air Tahiti but you can use miles on Air Tahiti to pay for the ticket as I outlined here.

All flights were operated by an ATR-72 which were in great condition. The planes we squeaky clean and had polished leather seats. With the exception of the last flight there were plenty of empty seats.




The pilots seemed mostly of French origin (hey who does not want to fly throughout Tahiti for a while, escaping the French winter weather). The whole operation seemed incredibly friendly, dedicated to on-time performance and professional.


Most flights with Air Tahiti are likely gonna be short and the seat pitch works for that. There is free juice for flights longer than 45 minutes.


Air Tahiti sells tickets that are accessible through a GDS (and they are not cheap) but also provides air passes if you have the luxury to stay longer in Tahiti. Those usually sell for $500-$600 for 4-5 islands.

In conclusion I was very happy with Air Tahiti – it does not get much better on these short hops – what else can you hope for?


3.5 / 5 stars