ABC Gift Cards and CardCash now offering the same payout whether you mail the cards or submit online

Posted on March 29, 2016 by in Travel Deals

ABC Gift Cards

What’s the deal with ABC Gift Cards?

ABC Gift Cards has recently started to offer the same payout to sellers whether you physically send the cards to them or submit them electronically – so effectively saving you 5% if you choose the latter method. In the past, this online gift card marketplace has charged sellers 5% more when selling e-gift cards electronically instead of when mailing physical cards in, just as other gift card resellers like Cardpool do, too.

ABC Gift Cards

The site still states that you can get up to 5% more by trading your card by mail if you select the ‘MAIL CARDS’ option, but we tried various gift cards and each time it showed the same payout for both methods.

The 5% discount also applies to CardCash e-gift card sellers, as it’s the sister company of ABC. It’s worthwhile knowing, however, that even though they are the same company, the rates offered often vary between the two. We checked the current payout of a $100 jetBlue gift card on ABC and it came up as $83.50, while CardCash are currently offering $78.

ABC Gift Cards

Tell me a little more about ABC Gift Cards and CardCash…

You may have received an unwanted gift card at Christmas and rather than spend it on something you don’t want or need, you’re happy to take a small loss in order to receive a check that you can spend on anything your heart desires. Alternatively, you may want to buy a full-price gift card at a discounted price or trade your Starbucks e-card for a travel-related one instead. For any of these options, that’s where gift card marketplaces come in.

ABC has been around since 2006, to satisfy the need for a market on the web where people can either buy, sell or trade gift cards. These days, it’s said to be the leading online marketplace that offers the greatest amount of discounted gift cards and an easy and speedy way for sellers to make money.

ABC Gift Cards

CardCash was founded in 2008 by two friends who wanted to offload their own gift cards for cash and ended up starting the first secondary gift card market for unused gift cards online. The company merged with ABC in 2014.

What else do I need to know about ABC Gift Cards and CardCash?

It’s as yet unconfirmed if the fee change is permanent, but frequent off-loaders of unwanted gift cards who use either ABC or CardCash to sell electronically are sure to find it a welcome bonus.

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