OneGo starts unlimited nationwide flying for $2,950 – can you make it mileage run material?

Posted on February 1, 2016 by in Cheap flights

MightyTravels 2016-02-01 at 5.41.40 PM

OneGo has finally started nationwide plans and while not completely open to the public yet but it works for ‘Founding Flyers’.

Onego partners with the following airlines:

– Alaska Airlines
– American Airlines
– Delta Airlines
– JetBlue Airways
– United Airlines
– Virgin America

OneGo does not specify which fares it purchases on your behalf. We can assume it is discounted Economy but we do not know that – they may include full fare Economy as well (unlikely).

Flights have to be booked through the OneGo app which may have additional restrictions. It seems though that inventory comes from regular fare cases and not award tickets since the company has this in the FAQ:

Can I still earn frequent flyer miles with my existing airline loyalty programs?

Certainly. Since OneGo allows you to travel on major commercial airlines, you’ll continue to earn and redeem frequent flyer miles as you enjoy the existing perks of your airline status programs.

The monthly nationwide subscription runs at $2,950 (it is a month-to-month contract) and there is a sign up fee of $495.

At any time you can have 4 reservations and they must be booked 7 days in advance. Bag fees and change fees apply (even if you have status).

So how can you use this for mileage run? Let’s assume this scenario; you reserve two round trip transcontinental flights (SFO/LAX-JFK) 7 days in advance. Each reservation is one segment with OneGo. So you can fly a maximum of two round trips every 7 days.

No doubt this is brutal but if you have status you may have figured out how to be upgraded already into the excellent American Airlines First/ Business Class product on the A321T.

For an average round trip you will earn 5,000 miles. For 8 trips this is ~40,000 miles. The first month fee would be $3,445 – this computes to a CPM of >8. This isn’t something we would consider a deal 🙁

Each Round Trip LAX/SFO-JFK comes out to $430. That’s not terrible – but we are talking about a big effort to schedule those flights. Plus we would need to find out how availability for fares actually looks like in the OneGo app.

So mileage runners can’t make use of this but if you regularly book about 7 days out, have on average two domestic trips per week that cost you >$430 Round Trip OneGo can make sense. The second month subscription is also just $2,950 which drops the break even average price a bit.