Holiday Inn Montreal Review

Posted on January 12, 2016 by in Hotel Reviews

The Holiday Inn Montreal is located right inside the tiny Chinatown of Montreal. I arrived just for the New Years celebrations and things were hectic and the hotel completely sold out that night. Montreal Downtown is a compact place and while the hotel is ChinaTown the old part of Montreal and the Latin Quarter are just a few blocks away.

The hotel is clearly older and it adheres to its Chinese theme inside out with a water garden inside the lobby. It feels a bit like in e Vegas casino (minus the gambling).

The rooms are what you would expect from a Holiday Inn, functional and large. The heating worked well on those cool Montreal nights and the bed was comfortable. On a few instances the warm water would be out only to come back a few minutes later scalding hot. The Internet was free and rather fast – it did not seem to be throttled but instead gave everyone the same access to the full bandwidth.

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I liked the property for its location and no-nonsense way it is run. Chinatown has several excellent (and cheap eateries) if you are on a budget. You can find well rated Korean, Vietnamese and Chinese eateries just steps away from the hotel. Employees know their job and there isn’t any craziness. Rates were just around CAD 120 when I was in town (more for NYE). This is one of those hotels that you feel you have seen before and they leave precious few memories (good or bad).

You can Holiday Inn Montreal here.

3 / 5 stars