Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge Montreal (US Pre Clearance) Review

Posted on January 9, 2016 by in Free Lounge Access and Lounge Reviews

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The Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge Montreal is well hidden near gate 73 in the Pre-Clearance area of the Montreal Airport. It’s almost like the lounge does not want not to be found – I walked by the entrance from the terminal twice and did not see it. There is just a small sign and you have to get up a level to get access to the lounge.

I’m fond of Maple Leaf Lounges since my summer visit to the new Frankfurt Maple Leaf lounge which I really liked. This lounge has a similar theme and looks newish. There are a few appetizers for you (think hummus, salsa and a few vegetarian dishes) – there is a huge selection of liquors, good wines and a few beers on tap.

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There is a separate WiFi network for the lounge. It uses the same authentication service as the public airport WiFi but as with other airports in Canada the public airport WiFi is super fast while the lounge WiFi is disgracefully slow. We are talking 50x times slower! And the lounge had less than 5 people in it when I visited! Of course I discovered the speed difference when I was just about to leave. Don’t make my mistake.

This is a nice lounge to grab a drink or two before a flight but not one to brag to your friends about.