30% bonus when buying JPMiles – how to use them for domestic flights for under $50

Posted on October 19, 2015 by in Travel Deals

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Jet Privilege is running a miles purchase bonus promotion right now that gives you up to 30% bonus miles on top of the purchased miles.

Here is how the math works out. If you buy 16,000 miles for INR 22,800 ($350) you will get 20,800 miles. Each mile will therefore cost you about 1.6 cents – that’s already a decent value.

Jet Privilege allows redemptions on American Airlines and United Airlines and is the cheapest domestic miles redemption around.

Many flights can be booked for just 2,500 miles (i.e. San Francisco to Vancouver) and the fees on American Airlines are especially low. Jet Privilege sees the same partner availability as any Oneworld or Star Alliance partner usually.

For 20,800 miles you can book 8.3 one-way redemptions. If we assume paid tickets will cost about $150 on average per ticket that is $1,200 that you replace with spending just $350.

That sounds like a great deal to me! Look at the potential redemptions for this price first though.