CopaAirlines ConnectMiles Star Alliance status match including from a non-alliance carrier

Posted on September 14, 2015 by in Star Alliance Members


What’s the deal with CopaAirlines?

StatusMatcher is a handy site that reports recent status matches from existing loyalty programs and their competitors. Based on recent information, CopaAirlines ConnectMiles is 100% likely to match status. Successful elite status matches include:

  • Air China PhoenixMiles to CopaAirlines ConnectMiles
  • LANPASS to CopaAirlines ConnectMiles
  • TAM Fidelidade to CopaAirlines ConnectMiles
  • Avianca Brazil Amigo to CopaAirlines ConnectMiles

Miles to Memories also reports recently being status matched to Star Alliance Silver this month from Alaska MVP Gold, and has been matched until February 2017 – read on to see how they did this.

How do I get the CopaAirlines deal?

Miles to Memories emailed a copy of their Alaska MVP Gold card to [email protected] but since this email has been deactivated, an auto-reply says to instead contact [email protected] for your query.

In the past, [email protected] has been used for elite status matching with CopaAirlines, so we’re not sure why it isn’t anymore, but try your luck with the alternative email address.

You can also try calling the Copa Service Center on 1-844-287-0304 to request elite status match.

What else do I need to know about the CopaAirlines deal?

As Miles to Memories explains, success isn’t guaranteed, but it worked for them and it can for you too.

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