My Top 10 Things to do in Athens – on a layover

Posted on August 8, 2015 by in Things to Do (City Guides)


Please note this article is partially outdated – please refer to my new post – My favorite 15 Things To Do Athens instead.

Things to do in Athens – Understand about Athens

Athens is a fascinating city – it’s rather ugly and feels more like Dakar than a European capital. It’s hot, dirty and crowded. However Athens keeps surprising me with amazing food, coffee, scenic places and some of the best cultural sights in Europe.






Harvest Coffee & Wine

A bit north of Monastiraki – hidden in a pedestrian zone – is this fantastic spot that serves desserts prepared by a Michelin star pasty chef. The coffee and or wine is excellent too.

TAF Coffee

TAF Coffee is an an unassuming location that looks a bit like Dakar again. The coffee is fantastic and it is a great place to find a respite from the Athens heat.


Indian inspired souvlaki is what this place specializes in – you can also just call it Tandoori. It is very close to the Agora and easy to find from there. The Tandoori salad and the Tandoori itself were fantastic. The Chicken Tikka Masala was just ok – the masala sauce isn’t the Mirch’ strong suit. Come here for a delicious and inexpensive break from Greek cuisine while in Athens.


4 / 5 stars