Getaround $50 in free rides, $500 when listing your car – hurry ends August 31st

Posted on August 22, 2015 by in $20 off Getaround

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Car sharing service Getaround is running a promotion for August that pays $500 when you complete a listing of your car and $50 when you take your first ride.

The $50/$500 Getaround credits can go a long way – there are plenty of cars for about $8 an hour on the Getaround system.

I have detailed my experience in my Getaround Review in January. I use the service every week when in San Francisco since I sold my car last year. There are glitches (like some cars do not open until you call the Getaround help center) but it has worked surprisingly well.

I rented cars as diverse as a Fiat 500 to a BMW 6 Coupe and they have always been as described by the owner and the rental hand-over was mostly flawless.

Getaround has cars in:

– San Francisco Bay Area
– San Diego
– Austin
– Portland
– Chicago

Even if you have a car it makes sense to sign up now and secure your credit before it goes back to $25 on August 31st. Your first rental can be as little as $5 – you don’t even have to drive it – the $50 credit posts when you make the booking 🙂