Where can you find the worlds cheapest flights?

Posted on July 7, 2015 by in TOP Travel Destinations

I keep getting emails from readers with requests on where to go – one questions that comes up – what are destinations where you can take a number of flights and see a lot of places once you get there. In other words – where can you find the worlds cheapest flights?


The Philippines seems to be locked into a perpetual fare war. There are only so many airports in the country that are ready for commercial flights.

Philippine Airlines is rather cheap to begin with and the (somewhat) new entrants Cebu Pacific and Air Asia Philippines (Review) add additional competition. You would think a country with so many islands flies a ton – but maybe not yet…

Where are the world cheapest flights?


Air Asia (Review) keeps adding routes from its main hub in Kuala Lumpur. Many routes (or popular, or low demand routes) come out with sales for a little less than $15 per flight segment.

Note that I excluded Air Asia Thailand which isn’t as cheap as we want it to be.

Where are the world cheapest flights?

New Ryanair bases in Europe

Whatever you may think of Ryanair (Review) – I found them quite well run and agreeable on my flight from Marrakech to London earlier this year. Ryanair keeps expanding all the time – right now it just opened new bases in Poland and Portugal and these provide for ultra cheap flights.


Pegasus Airlines has ambitious plans to roll up Turkey and the surrounding countries (it already started Pegasus Asia with a base in Bishkek).

The Pegasus sales often bring down prices to less than $15 per segment – a great way to see Turkey!

Atlasjet and SunExpress are starting out as a formidable competitor and offers sometimes equally impressive promotions.

Where are the world cheapest flights?

Eastern Europe with Wizzair

I had a good experience with Wizzair (Review) recently and the airline keeps on adding new routes and mini hubs. Prices are as low as it gets to fly into Western Europe especially.

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Yes Brazil – a country that impressed with sky high prices just a few years ago now has really cheap tickets – especially considering the big distances in between the cities.

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Canary Islands

Somewhat surprising since it is the monopoly carrier – but Binter Canarias offers $50 Round Trips from its hub in Tenerife (TFN) to almost any Canary Island airport – amazing!

Where are the world cheapest flights?

Southern Europe

Southern Europe continues to suffer through the fallout of the economic crisis and ticket prices are depressed across the board.

3.5 / 5 stars