St Helena Island gets an airport – will that be the best Avios redemption ever?

Posted on July 2, 2015 by in Best use of British Airways/ Iberia Avios, TOP Travel Destinations

St Helena Island

Have you heard of St Helena Island?

St Helena Island is a tiny island about 2,500 miles east of Rio de Janeiro and 1,200 miles west of South Africa.

The island counts 4,255 British citizens as inhabitants.

Why you may have heard of St Helena Island?

Yes there was someone important who lived on St Helena Island – Napoleon was exiled to St Helena and died here on May 5th 1821.

St Helena Island

How do you get to St Helena Island?

While you may think it has a strategic position in the middle of the Atlantic – there is no airport!

The island is currently supplied by ships only – mainly the venerable by the RMS St Helena.

Now good news is under way – the UK government is investing $400 million in a new airport – that is currently under construction. The airport is supposed to open in 2016.

St Helena Island

British Airways (via it’s South African subsidiary Comair) has announced plans to fly to the island at least once a week!

Given the current award chart this would be 10,000 – 12,500 Avios per one-way.

There is currently no tourism to speak of – but the island expects up to 30,000 yearly visitors once the airport starts operations.