Enterprise Weekend Special – Have you found the $9.99 car rental daily rate?

Posted on July 18, 2015 by in Avis / Hertz Car Rentals

enterprise weekend specialenterprise weekend special

What’s the deal with Enterprise Weekend Special?

We’ve written about this promotion before, as Enterprise has offered it at various times over the past few years. Now that it’s back again, we’ve tried to find locations of the $9.99 rates, but we’ve yet to find one…

The Weekend Special is a Friday to Monday promo for advance reservations in participating neighborhood locations. The current promo is for US or Puerto Rico bookings for between September 11th, 2015 and May 25th, 2016 for an Economy or Compact car.

enterprise weekend special

We checked multiple locations all over the US and Puerto Rico for September and October weekend bookings and the cheapest rate we could find was $29.99 – nowhere near the advertised ‘from $9.99’. From Miami to New York, Baltimore to San Diego, we tried to find anything less than $29.99 and failed. Most participating locations are apparently smaller towns and cities, but we couldn’t find the cheap rate even when checking various small towns across the US.

The sample date of September 18th to September 21st for a car rental in Bakersfield, California gave us the $29.99 Weekend Special rate for an Economy vehicle (Kia Rio or similar), to be collected from and dropped off at Brundage Lane. With sales tax, the total is $96.72 for the 72 hour-rental:

enterprise weekend special

How do I get the Enterprise Weekend Special deal?

Try your luck with Enterprise here to see if you can find the $9.99 daily weekend rate for your neighborhood location.

By simply searching the site without going through the special Weekend Special link, Enterprise doesn’t find the promotional rates and displays full whack, which can be much more expensive.

Tell me more about Enterprise…

Enterprise Rent-A-Car is  an international brand that has over 7,000 neighborhood and airport locations throughout North America and Europe. It’s the largest car rental brand in North America and is renowned for going the extra mile with local customers by offering to pick them up for free.

enterprise weekend special

Sometimes an Enterprise branch will also give you a ride once you’ve dropped off your rental, too.

What else do I need to know about the Enterprise Weekend Special deal?

Let us know if you manage to find a $9.99 Weekend Special (or even a rate that’s less than $29.99) for your location. They are out there, as we’ve read success stories, but finding one seems to be pretty hit or miss. $9.99 a day for a rental is an offer not to be missed, but only if you can find it in the first place…

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