Singapore Airlines First Class Review A380 / Suites Class Tokyo (NRT) to Los Angeles (LAX)

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Singapore Airlines First Class Review

I had booked this flight using Singapore Airlines First Class award as part of my research Maximizing Singapore Airlines Krisflyer awards.

There is not a lot of availability for the Singapore Airlines A380 First Class from/to the US but it does exist!

In order to connect from Hong Kong I had booked a Cathay Pacific flight using Avios into NRT (20,000 Avios in Business). That flight was very similar to my recent Cathay Pacific Business Class flight from Bangkok to Hong Kong – the same (somewhat disappointing seating) and not really edible food.

Since it involved a change between carriers I allowed almost 5 hours (though Cathay Pacific would be delayed by one hour).

In order to get through the transfer security at Narita airport it was enough to show my booking confirmation and I walked up to the ANA First Class lounge to get my boarding pass. I did not expect this to work so smoothly.

I will review ANA Airlines First Class lounge at Tokyo (NRT) soon though it was not even close to the Lufthansa First Class Terminal.

From the lounge I made my way to the gate. The boarding area was rather crowded and a lot of eager flyers were waiting to board.

Singapore Airlines has the First Class on the A380 on the lower deck. Just 3 more suits would be occupied that day.

This was my first flight in Singapore Airlines A380 (I had been on Singapore Airlines First Class 777 several times before I started blogging) and it makes the Cathay Pacific First Class (Review) or Emirates First Class (Review) look like Business Class. It’s just so much bigger – it feels a bit like your own private plane.

IMG 5496
IMG 5497
IMG 5498
IMG 5499

The flight attendants were extremely professional and friendly. I opted for some Krug champagne prior to take off and asked for Macadamia nuts which were promptly served.

Honestly I felt quite intimated by the sheer space I would have available during this flight. I felt a bit guilty – but oh well – the flight would only be 9 hours – much too short to develop real guilt.

IMG 5504
IMG 5505
IMG 5506
IMG 5507
IMG 5512

The amenity bags and pajamas were given out and I really liked the amenity kit – I actually kept the fragrance!

IMG 5513

I opted to watch a movie and dinner service started to roll around quickly.

IMG 5521
IMG 5522
IMG 5524

Singapore Airlines First Class Review A380 – Dinner

Dinner started – of course – with Satay and was followed by the appetizer. I requested the caviar to be served on it as well – since I do not eat any of the condiments anyways.

Another round of bread rolls and an excellent salad and the dinner I had pre-booked via ‘Book the Cook’ was served. Sadly this was the weakest part of the dinner – the Sushi was stale and pretty bland.

IMG 5527
IMG 5529
IMG 5532
IMG 5534
IMG 5536

The dessert and the cheese plate were fantastic and the presentation equally well done.

IMG 5538
IMG 5540

Singapore Airlines First Class Review A380 – The bed

After dinner the flight attendants made the bed for the double suite in front of me. This is an awesome bed on a plane – it matches a hotel bed in length and width.

IMG 5541

I fell asleep quickly and woke up for the breakfast – I was still full from the sumptuous dinner but forced myself to try – and that was good idea since it was really good food as well.

IMG 5546
IMG 5547
IMG 5548
IMG 5549
IMG 5551
IMG 5552

After breakfast – a shower would have been a good idea – but not on this A380 – this will only work on the Emirates A380.

Los Angeles ATC gave us a break-neck approach into LAX – it would have been a challenge for a small regional plane – but the huge Airbus really seem to push it to make the turns.

Singapore Airlines First Class Review A380 – Conclusion

All in all this was a supreme First Class flights – the flight attendants were extremely professional and friendly beyond imagination. The food was top notch and the suite was enormous.

I will consider this the First Class product to be beaten from now on.

5 / 5 stars