Add Citi card payment to your Amazon account to get $10 credit

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 citi card payment

What’s the deal with the Citi card payment?

Change your 1-Click default payment method to an eligible Citi card in your Amazon settings and earn $10 credit!

We posted this promotion in the past, and now it’s back again. This time, once you have qualified for the promotion, you’ll need to redeem the offer by September 12th, 2015 by using the Citi card that you have added to the 1-Click settings to make your qualifying purchase.

Some readers report that they have been able to get the credit several times, by adding a Citi card each time the offer has appeared. However, a few have had no luck in getting the promotion to work at all, so YMMV.

Worst case scenario, you can contact Amazon support and they should give you the $10 credit at least one time.

How do I get the Citi card payment deal?

You need to use a mobile device, as it’s likely you won’t see the Citi offer banner otherwise. Here’s how it works:

  • On a mobile device, check out or open the Amazon app.
  • You may see the offer banner immediately or you may need to browse the store for it to appear – this is what it will look like:
 citi card payment
  • Once you’ve found the banner, click on it and it will tell you to change your 1-Click settings to get $10 credit:
 citi card payment
  • Once you’ve successfully done so, you’ll get confirmation that $10 credit has been applied to your Amazon account. Take a screenshot of this – just in case.
 citi card payment

Tell me more about Amazon’s 1-Click settings…

Amazon’s 1-Click is where you can associate your credit or debit card with addresses that you frequently ship your orders to, so that you can place orders on the site with a single click of a button.

1-Click ordering is an effective way of saving customers both time and effort and has generated billions of dollars for Amazon since they patented it.

 citi card payment

What else do I need to know about the Citi card payment deal?

If you browse the site and still don’t see the banner, you can try clearing the cache in the app settings. You can also check to see if you already have a Citi card in your 1-Click settings and if so, you’ll need to remove it and try again.

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