Turkish Airlines flight status? Nose cone smashed in by bird strike, but no-one hurt (except the poor bird)!

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Turkish Airlines flight status

What’s the scoop with the Turkish Airlines flight status?

You may have seen in the news recently that a Turkish Airlines Boeing 737-800 was involved in a bird-strike during its landing at Nevsehir in Turkey.

Domestic flight TK2004, on route from Istanbul to Nevsehir, was making its descent to land when the bird hit, causing extensive damage to the nose cone (as you can see from these incredible pictures). The plane had 125 passengers on board, with no reported injuries.

Just one bird did that to a Turkish Airlines flight status?

Are you sure it wasn’t instigated by a murder of crows or a siege of herons ? 😉

Seriously, though, it’s difficult to imagine that just one bird can do this kind of damage, until you think about the speed of impact… Oh, the poor bird 🙁

It’s not just speed of impact that influences the damage a bird can cause to an aircraft, though – there are other factors, including:

  • The weight of the bird
  • The density of the bird
  • The rigidity of the bird
  • The angle of impact
  • The surface shape of impact
  • The surface rigidity of impact

Strikes tend to happen when aircraft are close to the ground, so just before landing or after take-off, when jet engines are turning at top speeds. The Bird Strike Committee reports that as a result of wildlife strikes, more than 250 people have been killed worldwide since 1988 and each year they are estimated to cause more than $900 million in damage to US civilian and military aviation.

Turkish Airlines flight status

We all remember the Miracle on the Hudson – Flight 1549 that made an unpowered emergency landing in the Hudson River in 2009, after multiple bird strikes caused both jet engines to fail. Without the competence of Captain Sullenberger and his crew (and a little luck), it could have been a catastrophic tragedy – and one brought on by Canada Geese.

So what happened to the Turkish Airlines flight status?

While the great majority of reported bird strikes have little or no effect on continued safe flight, a small number (usually flocks of large birds) can damage aircraft so badly that they cannot continue flying.

Thankfully, in the case of this Turkish Airlines flight, that wasn’t the case, and the plane landed safely and with no reported injuries of passengers or crew. The aircraft itself was even fixed and back in the air the following day!

Turkish Airlines flight status

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