The Top 3 Jobs That Require Travel

Post originally Published May 9, 2015 || Last Updated April 10, 2020

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Jobs that require travel

Have you been thinking of a new career lately, maybe one that means you're location independent? Or perhaps you're already a digital nomad and you're just in need of a new position? Many of us would love to combine a career with travel and the attraction is often because of the prospective freedom it brings, so here's a list of the top 3 jobs that require travel, to give you that little push in the right direction...

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What are the top 3 jobs that require travel?

There are many jobs that can involve travel, from cabin crew to airline pilot, travel agent to tour guide, au pair to ski instructor, but these three jobs are ones that can be done just about anywhere, anytime...


If you're good with words and good enough to get paid for it, you can work from anywhere while doing so. Freelance writers, blog writers and journalists can even do this with just a laptop or tablet as the only work equipment, meaning you can be as location independent as you wish. Can you imagine writing while sat in luxury air-conditioned surroundings overlooking the bluest of seas? It is possible. Torsten recently added 'Another day in the office' to the MightyTravels Instagram while traveling Guam:

Now that's my kind of office!


Another job where you don't necessarily have to be qualified and you can travel the world is a photographer, as a good eye and a natural talent behind a camera lens can lead you to some incredible places.Working as a photo-journalist on assignment or even just telling your own stories through pictures can happen anywhere, with some luck.

Chris Ozer, an amateur photographer, posted some of his pictures on Instagram and it kick-started his professional career. He's since worked with Facebook, Nike and Samsung and has countless global opportunities at his fingertips.


When I temporarily moved to South Korea to teach English as a foreign language at a prestigious university, I was attracted partly by the travel opportunities, but mostly by the financial incentives. The package included a decent salary with free accommodation, 3 meals a day and use of the university's facilities. I wasn't a trained teacher, but a bachelor's degree from an English-speaking country was all they asked for.

The following year, I moved out to South Korea to teach long-term at a school, and this time it included not only a decent salary but also free return flights, a freeapartment, a free cellphone with free calls and all the household bills were - you guessed it - free.

Teaching can be hard work, but with incentives like this, it's a good place to start, as you can save most of your salary. There are so many amazing places in the world where you can then teach while you travel, with all the money saved from teaching in South Korea!

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