Southwest Airlines flight information – The Top 5 Reasons to Fly Southwest

Posted on May 24, 2015 by in Southwest Rapid Rewards

southwest airlines flight information

What’s the scoop with Southwest Airlines flight information?

Wherever you look these days, airlines are adding on fees for one thing or another. Late last year, jetBlue cut legroom on their flights and added a checked bag fee, leaving just Southwest as the only US carrier to offer free checked bags to all of its passengers. Now, the Dallas-based airline continues to offer not only the first checked bag but the first two checked bags for free on Southwest-operated flights, and that’s not the only reason to fly Southwest.

Tell me about Southwest Airlines flight information – the Top 5 Reasons to Fly Southwest…

southwest airlines flight information

Southwest Airlines likes to blow its own trumpet, but it’s easy to see why when you add together all the ingredients…

  1. The airline is famous for not charging for those two checked bags, but did you know that this even includes skis and golf bags? Either way, you need to know that weight and size limits apply – the maximum weight is 50 pounds per checked piece of luggage and the maximum overall size is 62 inches (length plus width plus height) per checked piece of luggage.
  2. Did you also know that Southwest don’t charge a change fee? That’s on international flights as well as domestic, which on other carriers can cost hundreds of dollars! In 2014, other carriers made over 3 billion dollars just in reservation change fees (let alone another 3.5 billion in baggage fees), so it’s difficult to see why Southwest wouldn’t want a piece of that action; however, the airline says it’s because it stands by its policies to not nickel-and-dime like the other airlines do, and that deserves a hat tip.
  3. Southwest Airlines often offers excellent fares, but you won’t find them on OTA or metasearch sites, as the airline has always had a policy to withhold information from them. While you’re searching for a great fare, don’t forget to search the Southwest Airlines site, too, or you’ll miss out.
  4. Rapid Rewards is Southwest Airlines’ award-winning frequent flyer program. It has unlimited reward seats, no blackout dates and points that don’t expire as long as you have flight or partner earning activity every 2 years. Join here for free.
  5. For a small cost of $12.50, you have Early-Bird Check-In, which gives you automatic check-in and and your choice of seat when you board earlier.
southwest airlines flight information

What else do I need to know about Southwest Airlines flight information?

While every airline has its faults, Southwest Airlines seems to offer its customers an awful lot more than any other US carrier. If the fare is the right price too, then it looks like you’re onto an absolute winner if you should choose this airline over another.

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