LifeMiles 2×1 Buy Miles comes back

Posted on May 5, 2015 by in Lifemiles

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LifeMiles is back with the 2×1 promotion. The good news is that the multiplier is higher now and you get 2.2 miles for 1 mile purchased.

This works out to a little less than 1.5 cent per mile.

Buy Lifemiles 2x1 Bonus

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Many of the goodies in the LifeMiles award chart are gone unfortunately, but a business class trip from North America to anywhere in South America is pricing out at 80,000 miles RT.

This would cost ~$1,200. This isn’t horrible, but it’s too expensive for me – there are so many other options.

Keep in mind that you can buy up to 150,000 miles per year per account.

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