Capital One Credit Tracker – Top 3 reasons to use the free credit monitoring tool for Capital One cardholders

Posted on May 4, 2015 by in Travel Deals

Capital One Credit Tracker

What’s the scoop with the Capital One Credit Tracker?

Capital One’s Credit Tracker is a completely free credit monitoring tool that’s available to most Capital One cardmembers. It doesn’t ever affect your credit when you use it and you can use it as and when you like.

You can use the Credit Tracker to get access to your credit score and benefit from useful features such as:

  • Credit Simulator – This interactive tool lets you see how everyday decisions may impact on your credit score – for instance, if you eliminate all your credit card balances.
  • Grade Overview – You can learn about your own credit strengths and weaknesses with a personalized grade overview. This tells you how you’ve fared with making on-time payments, what your oldest credit line is and more.
  • Credit Alerts – You can set up email alerts that let you know if your TransUnion credit report has changed – for example, when you change address or if you recently opened an account.
Capital One Credit Tracker

How do I get the Capital One Credit Tracker?

If you’re already a Capital One cardmember, you can access the Credit Tracker here, by logging in to your account.

So what are the Top 3 reasons to use the Capital One Credit Tracker?

1. It’s totally free and there’s no catch – it’s just a complimentary perk of being a Capital One cardholder.

2. The free credit simulator is a very handy tool to see how your actions can affect your credit score. You can try it unlimited times to see how your decisions are likely to affect your score.

3. You can avoid ID theft by receiving the free email alerts. Credit Tracker helped this CreditCardForum member when he received notification of credit inquiries that he hadn’t made:

Capital One Credit Tracker

What else do I need to know about the Capital One Credit Tracker?

The free credit score from TransUnion that you get is ‘educational’ – a good reference point for your credit standing, but not used for credit or lending decisions. It’s not a FICO score, so some would label it a FAKO. Your score will most likely not be as accurate with the Credit Tracker.

Credit Tracker is not currently available to cardmembers of Spark or partner cards.

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