United Airlines boarding pass – Now access with an Apple watch!

Posted on April 28, 2015 by in Travel Deals, United Mileage Plus

Apple Watch UA app

What’s the scoop with United Airlines and the Apple Watch?

United, like many other airlines, has kept on top of the Apple Watch release by updating its iOS app. It was speculated that there would be a new app just for Apple Watch users, but instead United Airlines simply updated its existing iOS app.

UA Beta Insider, the United Airlines Company Representative on FlyerTalk, released news of the update on the site recently, stating that the most popular app features have now been extended to the wearable technology of the Apple Watch.

A separate FlyerTalk post by UA Beta Insider explained that this initial United Airlines app update release is focused on information management with respect to the Apple Watch. With the updated app, you can access the travel wallet in your iPhone app, pull up reservation details for your upcoming flights and check the status of your flight as well as directly receive flight status alerts.

Apple Watch UA app

Various FlyerTalk members report that the app looks good and works like a charm.

What’s the scoop with United Airlines boarding pass?

The updated United Airlines app means you can now access your boarding pass via Passbook integration. With the Apple Watch, you have to first add the boarding pass to your iPhone’s Passbook app when you check in on your iPhone.

FlyerTalker scottish-colin gave this positive review of the United Airlines app update on an Apple Watch, especially with regards using it for your boarding pass:

Apple Watch UA app

Have you used the new and improved United Airlines app with an Apple Watch yet? If so, let us know your thoughts, especially on using it to show the airline your boarding pass.

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