Is the new Vanilla Reload a good tool for Manufactured Spending?

Posted on April 2, 2015 by in Manufactured Spend

When I went to Walgreens earlier this week, I was surprised to see some new (?) Vanilla Reloads appearing. This is what they look like:



Now I was eager to test them out!

I took the card to the cashier, but the card wasn’t a physical thing that you can buy – it simply served as a collection of instructions.

The cashier wanted my PayPal Prepaid MasterCard (for the value load) and swiped this one first. Secondly, he required my driver’s license.

After that, I swiped my credit card and was hopeful that the load would go through. The cashier had no problem with me using a credit card for the transaction.

However, the POS system only accepted my credit card for the $3.95 fee (per value load), not for the amount I wanted to load 🙁

So while it seemed like a great option, it does not work at Walgreens since the POS system won’t allow CC loads. But it may do at other points of sale?

Have you tried before?

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