Indonesia to introduce visa-free travel incl. US citizens

Posted on April 1, 2015 by in Cheap Visas, TOP Travel Destinations


Indonesia has proposed legislation to make travel visa-free to 30 more nations.

Indonesia currently provides visa-free travel to passport holders of several ASEAN countries as well as Morocco, Chile and Ecuador.

From later this year, the following passport holders are supposed to get visa-free travel as well:

– China
– Japan
– South Korea
– United States
– Canada
– New Zealand
– Mexico
– Russia
– United Kingdom
– France
– Germany
– the Netherlands
– Italy
– Spain
– Switzerland
– Belgium
– Sweden
– Austria
– Denmark
– Norway
– Finland
– Poland
– Hungary
– Czech Republic
– Qatar
– United Arab Emirates
– Bahrain
– Oman
– South Africa

This eliminates the extra hurdle of getting into Indonesia. Beside the $25 price tag for a visa on arrival, the long lines are the main issue when arriving in Indonesia. I have waited up to 90 minutes at Jakarta Airport just to get the visa stamped into my passport.

If the changes go through (there are still legislative hurdles), Indonesia will be on par with other popular tourist destinations like Thailand and Malaysia.

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