Wizz Air Flight Review London Luton (LTN) to Prague (PRG)

Posted on March 24, 2015 by in Airline Reviews

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Wizz Air is a newer breed of low cost airline in Europe, with ‘mini-hubs’ all over Eastern Europe.

I had paid $40 for a 600-mile flight incl. checked luggage. I think that was a great deal – the ticket itself (without luggage) was about 5 cents per mile.

London Luton Airport is a pretty bare-bones affair, though it works very well and is superbly efficient. I was impressed by the huge hall for security – seemingly long lines that move very quickly. Take that, Heathrow!

It’s organized much like Heathrow, with a common retail and catering area where you are supposed to stay until your gate opens. Once it opens, you’re drudging along long walkways to reach your gate (and this can take 25 minutes!)

My flight would be on time and ‘boarding’ started when the inbound flight for my outbound flight was touching down the runway. So I ended up waiting 45 minutes in line until I was able to sit down in a random seat.

Luckily, this flight had a couple of middle seats empty, including the row I was in.

The seat pitch was ridiculously narrow – it felt an inch shorter than Ryanair. The plane was rather new and in good condition, though.

We took off 15 minutes late and endured a very bumpy ride across the English Channel and over Germany. The bumps kept getting worse until we started our descent. Not a flight where you can relax easily.

I was quite happy when we finally touched down at Prague Airport. I like this airport as it’s never crowded and the lines are short. I used the E-Gates at the airport – they work much like Global Entry, but you never have to sign up for anything 🙂 All you need is a European Union, UK or Swiss passport. You scan it like for Global Entry and your face is scanned by a camera and an immigration officer. No fingerprints are needed or taken.

Once you are done, you are on your way into the European Union. Fantastic!

In conclusion, I would use Wizz Air at this kind of price again – they fly to 100+ destinations and deliver a basic, but agreeable, product. It’s all a question of price 🙂

Book yuor flight on Wizz Air here.

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3 / 5 stars