How cheap hotel bookings can become completely free hotel bookings

Posted on February 17, 2015 by in Hotel deals with Points

Remember the deal we highlighted on the German American Express Travel site? I know lots of you made use of this deal. $22 off any booking if you have an Amex card was just too good to pass up.

Now these deals always have a portion of mystery – you never know how they will shape up.

The $22 discount was even working for most flight bookings.

Now there are reports that:

a) the coupon was never applied to flight bookings (although the website and email said so)

Amex is usually very good with disputes and will take off the incorrect charges.

b) the hotel bookings have not been charged at all

If you have used the coupon and used your Amex card for the remainder, there is a good chance that the remainder was never charged.

That's quite a fine deal that Amex gave us.

What was your experience?

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