Up to 20,000 Asia Miles with Regus

Posted on January 22, 2015 by in Best use of Cathay Pacific / Asia Miles

Asia Miles has a new bonus offer for purchases at Regus.

Asia Miles is offering double miles for any purchases with Regus.

Now Regus does not display prices on their website for the more lucrative products in this promotion e.g. a 3 month Serviced office rental. I used to have one of those and it's not cheap at about $1,000/month.

However, in areas with low real estate prices (e.g. Indonesia and Malaysia), prices can drop to as low as $200/month for a dedicated office.

It is still not cheap enough to just buy it for the miles, but if you are planning a purchase at Regus anyway, you should make use of this offer.

It runs until March 31st 2015 and according to the terms and conditions you need to sign a contract with Regus Hong Kong (but I assume it can be used for other locations).

Other discounts from the Regus Business World Gold cards DO apply.

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