Cool – Get $25 in free Getaround rides – and my experience with the service

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Getaround is a car sharing app that gives you access to cars in your neighborhood. The closest competitor is probably Zipcar, which started out in Boston in the early 2000s.

Getaround is currently operating in these cities:

– San Francisco Bay Area
– San Diego
– Austin
– Portland
– Chicago

I have used the app a number of times for SHORT rides in San Francisco. Getaround gives individual car owners the option to rent out their cars on an hourly basis.

Owners set prices individually – the average seems to be around $10 per hour. This includes insurance but excludes gas.

San Francisco now has a huge number of cars listed. About 30% of car owners allow instant rentals – such rentals are confirmed right away and usually feature a keyless entry system. This way you can walk up to the car right away for an immediate rental.

Many owners have dedicated parking spots that are publicly accessible – this is very important in a city like San Francisco and you also save time when you return the car to the same location.

I have rented with Getaround a dozen times now in multiple locations and have been impressed by how well the service works. The email support is very responsive and has resolved any issues within hours.

The cars I had were usually older but well-maintained and clean. Since filling up is left to you, there is a bit of a risk that a prior renter hasn't done their job, but I haven't had any issue with that yet.

$10/hour is a great price for a short drive back and forth within the city of San Francisco. However, for a weekend getaway to wine country, Getaround is expensive – an Avis rental may cost you $50 a day but Getaround daily rates usually start from $70. Note that the overwhelming majority of owners limit the car usage to 200 miles per day.

My biggest complaint are the many unconfirmed or cancelled rides. Several times, my bookings for non-instant rides have timed out and 'instant bookings' have been canceled (sometimes just an hour before the rental). That is annoying and the service should work on a way to provide a rating system for owners and renters about cancellation habits.

As with Zipcar, Getaround does not have a concept of one-ways 🙁

Pros compared to ZipCar:

– No annual membership fee
– Many more stations, since cars live in their neighborhoods
– Lots of different car models
– Huge availability of cars

Cons compared to ZipCar:

– Cars can be older and less clean (though that hasn't been my experience so far)
– Too many cancelled rides

So give it a try and register for FREE and you'll get $25 in free Getaround rentals if you sign up through our link.

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4 / 5 stars