What I love about chain hotels

Posted on December 30, 2014 by in Travel Deals

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– Lucrative point earnings at times

– Thankfully it means hotel loyalty programs exist

– Promotions such as the current IHG Rewards Club 'Into the Nights'

– Somewhat consistent benefits in each chain hotel and elite benefits

– If you had trouble during your stay, you can always complain directly to the chain and get points/free stays

– Best Rate Guarantees that actually deliver what they promise (such as with Marriott or Starwood) can save a lot of money

– More likely to speak English since most major chains are American

– More often than not they provide fast internet

My strategy?

If I can find a chain hotel (ideally a Hyatt or Starwood) property for around $100, I almost always book it. If prices are in the $250 range for chain hotels I usually pass and either use points if that is a good alternative or stay in non-chain options.

Picture courtesy of evolo.us

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