How to buy an Emirates First Class ticket to Africa (one-way) for ~$2,640 and get flowers worth $3,300 and merchandise $1,400 for free (and more…)

Posted on December 24, 2014 by in Best use of Alaska Mileage Plan miles, Emirates Reviews & Skywards, Friends & Family, Manufactured Spend

FrequentMiler reveals his latest savage experiment of shopping at online shopping malls.

If you take his idea and run with it, you can 'buy' yourself a first class ticket on Emirates to Africa for $3,340 (but you will get ~$700 in cashback right away).

Alaska Airlines charges 100,000 miles and minimal taxes for the flight anywhere in the US to Africa on Emirates First Class (one-way).

When shopping for 1800 Flowers, you will get 30 miles per dollar. If you spend $3,340, you will get the required 100,000 miles…


– send 30+ of your dearest friends and family a bouquet each of extravagant, lovely flowers (at about $100 each)
– get ~$700 in cash back
– get new merchandise from Sears and Kmart for about ~$1,400
– earn a Celebration Rewards Savings Pass worth $330

If you actually need some appliances that are competitively priced at Sears, your 'cost to purchase a ticket' drops to $1,300 and you get all the flowers and the
Celebration Rewards Savings Pass for free.

Of course there are several caveats:

– some of the points may not post (or just by wrangling the online mall into it)
– the sheer volume may make you 'ineligible'
– the terms and conditions of this deal can change at any time

But if you send flowers to friends and family anyways AND need to buy new appliances (e.g. you are a landlord) AND you want to go to Africa, then I'd investigate this deal ASAP.

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