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What is FIA Card Services?

When Bank of America acquired MBNA Corporation, MBNA changed its name to FIA Card Services National Association. FIA is now wholly-owned by Bank of America. The company is a major credit card lender in the United States and provides other financial products such as consumer loans and insurance.

Using www.fiacardservices.com

You can use www.fiacardservices.com to get online access (called 'NetAccess') to your FIA account, whether you are a primary account holder, co-applicant or guarantor. Account management with FIA includes:

– paying bills
– viewing your account activity
– requesting credit
– transferring balances
– downloading statements
– updating your personal information

and much more.

Authorized users once had access to fiacardservices.com but it's now limited to just account owners.

www.fiacardservices.com updates its look

This year, FIA Card Services updated their systems to include a better version of their online account access. The newly-improved fiacardservices.com has a simple, easy-to-use design.

Existing customers will like that you can now set up automated alerts for account updates, new card orders, statements and more. Interactive help tools and improved navigation have also helped pull fiacardservices.com into the present.

How to enroll with www.fiacardservices.com

You can enroll here by supplying your personal information. You'll need to verify both your identity and account holder status with particular information and you'll also need to answer your FIA challenge questions when you access the site.

Once enrolled, you can then create your www.fiacardservices.com profile and it's full steam ahead for your online banking.

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