Plaza Premium Lounge Review Hong Kong Airport (Priority Pass)

Written and Published November 11, 2014

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The Plaza Premium Lounge is located just past immigration at Hong Kong Airport. It participates in the Priority Pass program and is also used by several airlines (including my airline of choice today, SriLankan) for Premium passengers.

If you have been to Priority Pass lounges, you will immediately realize what to expect. I'm not sure if it is accidental, but you can almost SMELL it.

Priority Pass lounges usually have darker colors (and less light). The bathrooms and showers exist, but aren't really clean. The cooler has water and beer and the food usually competes for 'the worst food of the year' award.

Even worse - the WiFi (as Priority Pass lounges always have WiFi) can be excruciatingly slow.

All this is true for this lounge, too. I got a shower room right away when I checked in. It had no toilet, but reeked like one. It was as bad as its gets.

The cooler had water (which wasn't cold) and beer (which was warm too). There was a coffee grinder and an espresso maker, but my inquiry for a coffee would be brushed off as to go somewhere else.

The many passengers filled the ample seats; most of those seats were old and dirty.

The WiFi was slower than my roaming T-Mobile phone (and believe me, 'free' roaming is slow). It was just one tenth of the speed of the FREE Hong Kong airport WiFi - and of course the airport WiFi was blocked out in the lounge.

If I had paid for this lounge, I would have wanted my money back. It ticks all the boxes for a 'lounge', but somehow manages to disappoint in all categories.

If you are in Hong Kong, stay out of this lounge. Use the airport WiFI and 'invest' a couple of dollars in a good espresso and water. You will feel much 'richer' afterwards - I was glad to stay at the gate for a little longer.

Did you know that you can access 700+ lounges worldwide with

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