Delta Lost and Found – How to report a loss

Posted on November 13, 2014 by in Delta Skymiles

Lost and Found around the World

Thousands of items are lost and found in airports and on planes around the world every year. I once foolishly left my onward flight tickets in a Korean Air seat pocket. When I realized five minutes later on Japanese soil, it was too late and they were never recovered. Sleepily leaving something in the seat pocket left me out severely out of pocket as I had to purchase new flights.

Some of the weirdest things to be found in airports and planes are left unclaimed. Just at Scottsboro Airport, Alabama, these have included a shrunken head, an opium pipe, a stuffed goose, a 5.6 carat diamond in a sock, a set of bagpipes, vacuum-packed frogs and a suit of armor!

Delta Lost and Found in the news

Delta Airlines hit the headlines recently when a beloved family pet dog went missing from an LA to Tampa flight before take-off. According to Delta, on October 31st, Ty the bull terrier chewed through the metal wires of his enclosure on the plane, then escaped through LAX grounds. Twelve days later and there's still no sign of Ty in Delta Lost & Found.

So what if you need to use the Delta Lost & Found?

Losing an animal is definitely a big deal, but what if you lose something like your iPhone or watch on a Delta Airlines flight? Delta Lost & Found has its own web page for reporting an unchecked item lost on-board a flight, in the gate area or in a Delta Sky Club, plus there's a separate web page for delayed, lost or damaged checked bags.

Delta state that they will search thoroughly for around 14 days. If an item matches the description of your lost item, they will contact you via email. If they are unable to find your item, they will also email you.

Delta Lost and Found for unchecked items:

Check out the FAQ first, then file a report for a missing unchecked item.

Delta Lost and Found for checked items:

You can start a claim here for delayed, lost or damaged checked bags, but you need a File Reference Number from Delta's Baggage Service Center first – call 1-800-325-8224 (toll-free) or 1-404-209-3043.

Have you ever lost an item when traveling with Delta? Did you get it back?

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